The Benefits of Adding Poultry Grit to Chicken Feed

6 November 2023
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When it comes to raising chickens, maintaining their health and productivity is of utmost importance. While a well-balanced diet is crucial, it's equally essential to provide them with additional supplements to aid their digestion. One such supplement is poultry grit. This post explores the benefits of adding poultry grit to your chicken feed and how it can contribute to the overall well-being of your feathered friends. What Is Poultry Grit? Read More 

Two Tips for Farmers Who Want to Improve the Quality of Their Crops

21 February 2023
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Here are a couple of tips for farmers who want to improve the quality of their crops. They should give a sample of their soil to a soil nutrient testing facility Issues with the mineral levels in the soil of a crop field can affect how well the crops in that field grow. If the soil in a field is lacking in the top three essential minerals (potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus) or if it's low in just one of these, then the crops that a farmer tries to grow in that soil might not thrive. Read More 

Pesticide Residues Testing: Four Precautions for Collecting Samples for Analysis

18 March 2022
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Pesticides are indispensable for ensuring sustainable food production. These chemicals are formulated to eliminate harmful animals, dangerous microorganisms and unwanted plants in agricultural operations. Proper usage will maximise food production by minimising the loss of crops on the farm and during storage. However, the protection of the food supplies using pesticides comes at a cost. These chemicals are absorbed by plants, causing residues to remain in the final product. If the residue levels are high, the consumption of the food could cause harm. Read More 

Are Your Plants Getting the Right Amount of Water?

25 November 2020
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Proper irrigation of crops is vital if you want them to thrive and to enjoy a good yield when harvest time arrives. There was a time when farmers could only look to the weather and hope that a sufficient amount of rain was going to fall at the right time to provide the water for their crops. While natural rainfall can still be an important part of caring for your crop, most farmers now prefer to be able to turn to modern irrigation methods, as natural rainfall can often be unreliable. Read More 

Managing Weld and Wall Failure in Molasses Storage Tanks

28 February 2019
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What's the secret ingredient for fertile soils with readily absorbable nutrients? The answer is molasses. Molasses is a peculiar material that brings many benefits to your farm, some of which are not achievable using ordinary fertilisers. For instance, it is a ready source of carbohydrates and carbon energy for soils microorganisms. This enhances their growth and enables your soil to flourish from enhanced natural fertility. If you have a large plantation, molasses tanks will make it readily available for use on your farm. Read More