Are Your Plants Getting the Right Amount of Water?

25 November 2020
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Proper irrigation of crops is vital if you want them to thrive and to enjoy a good yield when harvest time arrives. There was a time when farmers could only look to the weather and hope that a sufficient amount of rain was going to fall at the right time to provide the water for their crops. While natural rainfall can still be an important part of caring for your crop, most farmers now prefer to be able to turn to modern irrigation methods, as natural rainfall can often be unreliable. If you want to be able to exercise a greater level of control over the success of your crops, then you will need to invest in some irrigation supplies from your local supplier.

Choosing the right irrigation system

All plants need water to survive, but not all plants need the same amount of water — nor is it best to always deliver the water in the same way. When you are looking for irrigation supplies, the first thing that you must consider is what type of plants you want to grow. In particular, you must think about how the plant absorbs moisture. Does the majority of the moisture reach the plant through the roots, or do the leaves provide the primary means of water reaching the plant? While an overhead sprinkler system could be perfect for plants that rely on their leaves, it would be best to consider drip irrigation supplies if the roots provide the primary source of nourishment.

Installing your irrigation system right

When you decide to invest in irrigation supplies, it is vital that you think about how your irrigation system will work. You must have access to a water supply, and from that supply, you must have the necessary pipework to carry the water everywhere that it needs to go. The pipes will need to connect to drip emitters or sprinklers, depending on your choice of system. Planning your route in advance will enable you to buy the right amount of pipework and other irrigation supplies and will give you the confidence that no plants will be missed out and no water will be wasted by falling on areas which have not been planted.

To choose the right irrigation supplies for your plants, talk to your supplier. They will know exactly what irrigation supplies they stock and how they can be used to create the best watering system for your property.