Are Your Plants Getting the Right Amount of Water?

25 November 2020
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Proper irrigation of crops is vital if you want them to thrive and to enjoy a good yield when harvest time arrives. There was a time when farmers could only look to the weather and hope that a sufficient amount of rain was going to fall at the right time to provide the water for their crops. While natural rainfall can still be an important part of caring for your crop, most farmers now prefer to be able to turn to modern irrigation methods, as natural rainfall can often be unreliable. Read More 

Managing Weld and Wall Failure in Molasses Storage Tanks

28 February 2019
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What's the secret ingredient for fertile soils with readily absorbable nutrients? The answer is molasses. Molasses is a peculiar material that brings many benefits to your farm, some of which are not achievable using ordinary fertilisers. For instance, it is a ready source of carbohydrates and carbon energy for soils microorganisms. This enhances their growth and enables your soil to flourish from enhanced natural fertility. If you have a large plantation, molasses tanks will make it readily available for use on your farm. Read More 

Signs That Your Bore Well May Be Running Dry

28 March 2016
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Bore wells are a dependable source of water in homes, especially if you live in a rural setting. For this reason, proper maintenance and functioning of your bore is key to ensuring that there is an adequate supply of water to your home. However, your bore well can run dry sometimes, perhaps because of picking up a mechanical problem or because of drought, which will affect the level of ground water. Read More 

Dog Digging Up Your Sprinkler Lines? Five Tips to Help Deter Him

12 February 2016
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If you're dog is digging up your sprinkler system, that can be frustrating, and it can lead to costly sprinkler repairs. Luckily, there are several tricks you can use to keep your pup away from your sprinkler system. Here's some ideas to consider:  1. Distract your dog with his own digging spot. If your dog loves to dig, it may be very hard to deter him from digging up your sprinkler lines. Read More 

Simple Tips on Maintaining Well Water Quality

25 January 2016
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Water quality is an important aspect to consider in your domestic and agricultural supply system. This will determine the practical usability of the water in the applications of the specific environment. In simple terms, this is a measure of the properties of water in relation to the usage requirements, including farming, watering animals, cleaning and drinking. It is important to maintain the physical, chemical and biological aspects of your water supply, especially if you are using a well. Read More